Better music rights data.

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Need to find songwriter and publishing info for recordings at scale? Search up to 1000 recordings in one minute. Just upload a file and we will do the hard work surfacing the underlying rights info.

Music Publishers and Songwriters

Get paid what you’re owed Save time and money in rights administration

Music Users

Identify songs and request licenses or syncs faster and more easily

How we do it

Automated conflict detection and reconciliation delivers conflict-free data to more than a dozen major collecting societies in a single click

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Advanced graph-based matching eliminates duplicates and links recordings to works

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Getting Deep

Blokur’s dashboard provides deep insights and analysis into your rights and how your catalogue is performing, highlighting where you could be missing out on revenue

Search No More

Need to know who wrote that song? Or who published the original composition behind that remix? Blokur’s simple search puts all the information you need in one place. And our new Licensing Messenger feature now means music users can request a sync or license directly from the publishers in just a few simple steps.

Don't just take our word for it

70% of the music publishing sector uses Blokur to manage their rights more effectively

Blokur is an official partner of the Mechanical Licensing Collective's Data Quality Initiative

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Massive Attack used Blokur to track rights attribution for remixes of their iconic no.1 album Mezzanine.

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