Music Publishers

Earn more from your copyright with features to help you unlock trapped income and find new opportunities to license your music.

Maximise Income

Ramp up your revenue from digital platforms and CMOs with our sub-graph royalty matching.

Clean and Enrich Data

Unblock revenue with richer, conflict-free copyright data.

License Music

Discover new apps and projects that want to use your music.

Apps & Services

Need music for your app or platform? Grow your business with our stress-free music licensing and reporting services.

Automate Licensing

Help your app or service reach its full potential by adding the music you need.

Calculate Royalties & Usage

Save time and money with our usage and royalty calculation services.

Content Producers

The simplest way to get a music licence for your commercial, TV show, movie or project.

Get That Song

With access to over 200m tracks, you're one click away from bringing your project to life with the perfect song.

What is Blokur?

Online experiences hit harder with a musical soundtrack, so everybody loses when it's hard to identify what licences are needed or who to pay. Blokur makes it simple to add music to digital products and services by connecting the dots between rights holders, creators and music users - building a transparent ecosystem where money and music flow effortlessly.

The numbers speak for themselves, we have over:



Blokur’s database contains over 30 million compositions.



Blokur has a growing database of 200m recordings.


Matching improvement

Blokur matches song data 6.1x better, producing more accurate music rights data.


Usages processed

Blokur has tracked over 15 trillion usages of song recordings from digital streams.

Our partners include:

Our Mission

Over the last two decades the web has brought about a revolution in the way that content travels around the world. But we have not yet seen the same transformation in the way that value flows back from the consumer to the creator. That leaves platforms, apps and content producers struggling to pay the bills.

Blokur's mission is to fulfil the potential of the internet for the creator - helping unleash the value of music both for the people that create it and for the rest of us whose lives are enriched by it every day.

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