Blokur’s mission is to fulfill the potential of the Internet for the creator. We help musicians and music companies get paid what they should, when they should.


What We Do

It can take a songwriter up to four years to get paid when their song is played on the radio or a streaming service.

That’s because the data that tells the world who wrote the song and who owns it is very often missing, incomplete or out-of-date.

We are tackling this problem at Blokur by building a new system of record for music rights data to make sure that whenever a song is played, the right person gets paid.

We are working with music publishers to save them time and money in rights administration while ensuring they and their songwriters get paid what they should, when they should. We also work with music users who benefit from our music copyright database and Licensing Messenger to clear rights faster and more easily.

Our company was founded from the lived experience of an artist on the front line of the music industry, and is driven by a diverse and creative team of technologists, music fans and business brains motivated by our mission to fulfil the potential of the internet for the creator.

70% of the music publishing sector uses Blokur to manage their rights more effectively and we have partnered with some of the world’s biggest and most influential music companies and artists to work on exciting new projects.  

If you are a music publisher or music user, sign up free today, or for further inquiries, get in touch with us.