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Blokur’s mission is to fulfill the potential of the Internet for the creator. We help musicians and music companies get paid what they should, when they should.

We are committed to ensuring our company reflects a broad and diverse set of experiences and backgrounds.

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What We Do?

Did you know that it can take a songwriter up to four years to get paid when their song is played on the radio or a streaming service?

That’s because the data that tells the world who wrote the song and who owns it is very often missing, incomplete or out-of-date.

We are tackling this problem at Blokur by building a new system of record for music rights data to make sure that whenever a song is played, the right person gets paid.

Our company was founded from the lived experience of an artist on the front line of the music industry, and is driven by a diverse and creative team of technologists, music fans and business brains motivated by our mission to fulfil the potential of the internet for the creator.

We are off to a flying start – partnered with the world’s biggest and most influential music companies and artists, and backed by top tier investors.

Come join us as we build out new infrastructure for the music industry and improve the lives of creators around the world.

Our Values

Belief in the value and power of creativity

We believe in the power of creativity to solve problems, generate new ideas and drive culture forward.

Restless innovation

We will always seek to generate, develop and implement new ideas, whatever the stage of the company.

Success based on merit

We should succeed by the value we create for our customers, and our team should succeed based on their abilities and achievements, whatever their background.

International outlook

The world will be more, not less connected in the future, and we succeed when we open ourselves to ideas, relationships and opportunities across borders.

Engineering At Blokur

We are a curious and diverse team with a product-oriented engineering culture. Creativity, transparency, ownership and autonomy are encouraged at Blokur. Teams at Blokur have end-to-end responsibility for features: from the design, commit, deployment, maintenance and operations. For us, Agile is a state of mind and its principles matter more than any specific practice.

Our backend infrastructure is based on Go, although we also have some services written in Node.js and Python, backed by PostgreSQL and ElasticSearch. Blokur’s front end applications are written in React Redux. All our services are hosted on AWS. Github, Travis, Docker and Kubernetes ensure that our deployments are robust.

We are highly engaged with the Music & Tech community. Our engineers have been involved in hackathons and meetup events. Collaboration is also encouraged, we’ve open sourced a project with the Digital Catapult for matching across Knowledge Bases.

Our Recruitment Process

Tech Roles:

We’ve designed our interview process with two main goals: to get to know you and also for you to learn what it is like to be part of our team. It consists of 3 steps:


Step 1: A call with a member of the Engineering team (30 mins). This is an informal conversation where you can learn more about Blokur and find out if we are the right place for the next step in your career.


Step 2: Take-home code challenge (in your own time). You will be asked to complete a code challenge. We will be evaluating your code style, creativity and way of thinking. It should not take more than an afternoon’s work and you will have 72-96 hours to submit it.


Step 3: On-site interview (half a day), where you will meet other team members, conduct some technical and engineering culture questions with one of our developers and the CTO. You will also meet our CEO.

Business Roles:

Our recruitment process is designed to help us to understand how you think and what motivates you, and to give you a feel for what it is like to be part of our team. It usually consists of three steps:


Step 1: A phone call with a member of the business team (30 mins). This is an informal conversation where you can learn more about Blokur and find out if we are the right place for the next step in your career.


Step 2: A business case or online quiz (30 mins to 1 hour). You will be asked to tackle a business problem either as part of an interview or as an online quiz. The business problem requires no prior preparation and is designed to help us understand how you think. We’ll ask you to explain your reasoning and discuss different ways of solving the problem.


Step 3: On-site interview (30mins to 1 hour), where you will meet other members of the team, explore our working environment and learn more about our culture.


Compensation And Retirement

We believe that everybody should share in the company’s success, so every member of the team is offered stock options as part of their compensation. We also match employee pension contributions, because we believe that companies should share the burden of saving for pensions.

  • - Stock options
  • - Pension plan

    Vacation And Time Off

    We understand that you have a life outside of work, and we want our team to be able to express their whole selves at Blokur. That means we allow people to adapt their working hours to their needs, to work from home and to manage their own time off. We also offer generous paid family leave.

    • - Paid time off
    • - Paid holidays
    • - Flexible working hours
    • - Work from home flexibility
    • - Maternity benefits
    • - Paternity benefits
    • - Adoption assistance

    Personal Development

    Learning and personal development is a big part of life at Blokur. Our approach to training new team members is to design projects that allow you to learn new technologies and concepts through building features. That way learning and building go hand-in-hand from day one.

    • - Management training
    • - Job training
    • - Internship program
    • - Hackathons

      Values And Quality Of Life

      We believe in building a truly diverse team, and have set specific goals to help us get there, including for one third of new technical team members to be women (50% within five years) and for at least 30% of interviewed candidates for technical roles to be from under-represented groups.

      • - Diversity program
      • - Accessible via public transportation
      • - Bike parking