Music users can now request licences directly from publishers in Blokur

How Blokur is streamlining the music licensing process via its new Licensing Messenger

The music industry is creatively ahead of its time. It creates culture, sets trends, influences markets and creates connection. However, sometimes the complexity of our industry can get in the way of business getting done.

Bringing the backend of the music industry up to speed is the reason why Blokur exists. Every feature we build we think of how it can smooth the processes for publishers, labels, supervisors and artists.

With that in mind, we are excited to announce Blokur’s new Licensing Messenger. Licensing Messenger allows music supervisors, labels, content creators and others to request a licence from all the stakeholders involved in a song in a single click.

Users of Blokur Search — who already have access to over 10 million songs from Blokur’s repertoire — can now simply click “Request Licence”, enter information about their production, the type of use they want the song for and the fee they are offering, and click “Send Request”.

request a licence 1


Once the request is sent, music publishers are then notified of the request and can respond to negotiate a licence. The licensor only needs to type in the proposed total fee and the Licensing Messenger does the rest, cleverly calculating the cut of the fee that is due to each publisher based on their share of the song.

Their response opens up a chat where the requester and the publisher can chat about the licence and come to an agreement.


Licence Request Modal

This function makes it easier for music users to identify and contact the right person to get a licence, saving time for everybody and making sure publishers don’t miss out on licensing opportunities. This will make it easier for publishers to take advantage of untapped revenues and time sensitive opportunities. The process makes it easy to reach the right stakeholders in one go, which can be the difference between the publishers’ works being chosen or not.

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