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22 May 2022

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Need to find songwriter and publishing info for recordings at scale? Save time with our Drag and Drop tool.

Emilie Petersen


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Music Copyright Terminology & Definitions

Music users can now request licences directly from publishers in Blokur


Q: What is Blokur?

A: Blokur is a music admin platform that works with music publishers to save them time and money in rights administration while ensuring they and their songwriters get paid what they should, when they should. We also work with music users who benefit from our music copyright database and Licensing Messenger to clear rights faster and more easily.

Q: Who is Blokur for?

A: Blokur is for music publishers, copyright departments, royalty departments, music supervisors, content creators and many others.

Q: Who is currently working with Blokur?

A: Over 70% of the music publishing sector as well as record label copyright departments, music supervisors and various types of music users.