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We can help provide music licensing and reporting for your apps and services.






Automate Licensing

Stand out from the crowd and help your app or service reach its full potential by adding the music you need to bring your creation to life.

Blokur captures your requirements in our automated licensing system and makes it easy for music rights owners to offer you licenses or opt-in to your standard terms.

Calculate Royalties & Usage

Save time and money with our effortless usage and royalty calculation services. Blokur matches the music used on your app or platform to the underlying rights owners, and generates all the statements and royalty calculations you need to fulfil your licence obligations.

The numbers speak for themselves, we have over:



Blokur’s database contains over 30 million compositions.



Blokur has a growing database of 200m recordings.


Matching improvement

Blokur matches song data 6.1x better, producing more accurate music rights data.


Usages processed

Blokur has tracked over 15 trillion usages of song recordings from digital streams.

Our Technology

Our unique sub-graph technology spins a web of song data for over 200m recordings, putting the world’s music at your fingertips.

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Our 2021 Songwriter Review digs into song and chart data to identify the top songwriters and trends behind the music we were all listening to in 2021.

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