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Earn more from your copyright with features to help you unlock trapped income and find new opportunities to license your music.

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Is Blokur For You?

We can help you get more from your music catalogue.


Making it easier for copyright teams to manage conflicts and claims.


Grow your sync business with Blokur’s vast community of creators looking to licence music.

Digital Licensing

Maximise income through easy access to digital services looking to license your catalogue.


Tap into unclaimed income through better matching.

Maximise Income

Increase your revenue from digital platforms and CMOs through better matching and more accurate catalogue data. With Blokur, you can more accurately match music usage and unmatched royalty data against your catalogue, helping you claim every last penny you’re owed.

Clean and Enrich Data

Unblock revenue held back by copyright conflicts through cleaner, richer song data. Blokur combines your song data, compares it against our data platform and shows you where you have conflicts and inaccuracies holding back your earnings.

License Music

Boost your earnings by discovering new apps and projects that will pay to license your music. Blokur captures your requirements in our automated licensing system and makes it easy for music users like fitness apps and advertising agencies to find and license your music.

Get Charts Insights

Know in advance where your song is generating royalties with our analytics covering over 200 charts worldwide.

The numbers speak for themselves, we have over:



Blokur’s database contains over 30 million compositions.



Blokur has a growing database of 200m recordings.


Matching improvement

Blokur matches song data 6.1x better, producing more accurate music rights data.


Usages processed

Blokur has tracked over 15 trillion usages of song recordings from digital streams.

Our Technology

Blokur spins a data web connecting the dots between songs, songwriters, publishers, labels, artists and recordings, helping to create cleaner and richer data that enables you to access disputed royalties and identify when and where your music is used.

Access our latest insights

Our 2021 Songwriter Review digs into song and chart data to identify the top songwriters and trends behind the music we were all listening to in 2021.

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