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Upload a file and get songwriter and publisher information for up to 1,000 songs in one minute.

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How Does It Work?

Just upload a file and we will do the hard work of surfacing the rights information.

Step One

Upload your .CSV or .TSV file and include information such as: Song Title, Artist and ISRC.

Step Two

We will ask you to ensure the headings in your data file are displayed correctly.

Step Three

Your file will be processed and matched.

Step Four

Your report will include songwriter, publisher and US mechanical share information.

Want To Know More?

On average it can take someone a whole day to manually match data for just 80 songs, so instead of taking 12 days to find 1,000 songs, you can get your results in just one minute.

Apps and Services

If you're using music on your app or platform, our Drag and Drop tool can help you quickly identify publishing info so you can easily report back to and pay publishers and CMO's.

Simply upload a file with the list of tracks and Blokur will produce a report of publishing information for the matched compositions.

TV or Film Producers and Advertising Agencies

If you're working on a project where you need to license music and you're looking for publishing information, our Drag and Drop tool can help you identify who owns the publishing for each song.

Simply upload the list of songs and we'll show you the publishers and shares for all the matched compositions. You can then contact the relevant people.

Music Publishers

Fill in the gaps of your rights information and maximise revenue. Use our Drag and Drop tool and match usage to your copyrights to instantly see which recordings you can claim for.

Simply upload a file of recordings and get back publishing information based on a database of 100 million tracks and 300 million compositions.

The numbers speak for themselves, we have over:



Blokur’s database contains over 30 million compositions.



Blokur has a growing database of 200m recordings.


Matching improvement

Blokur matches song data 6.1x better, producing more accurate music rights data.


Usages processed

Blokur has tracked over 15 trillion usages of song recordings from digital streams.

Our Technology

Blokur spins a data web connecting the dots between songs, songwriters, publishers, labels, artists and recordings, helping to create cleaner and richer data that enables you to access disputed royalties and identify when and where your music is used.

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